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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TheList?

TheList is a customer loyalty program that lets a member of the program benefit from exclusive VIP treatment at Participating Hotels.

It further rewards TheList Members who stay at Participating Hotels on a promotional basis. After you enroll in the Program and become a TheList Member, you will be eligible to earn rewards in form of cash or other in-hotel benefits on eligible stays or eligible activities at Participating Hotels. You will then be able to redeem TheList rewards during your stay at Participating Hotels.


Why should guests join TheList?

TheList Experience is the in-hotel member recognition benefits program component.  It includes:

The Ultimate Arrival.  TheList understands first impressions are everything.  Be welcomed with a custom Arrival Experience celebrating the local character of that independent hotel.

Examples includes:

  • A signature martini enjoyed in the rooftop lounge overlooking downtown Chicago
  • A selection of handmade pasticcini upon check-in in Milan

Stay on the A-List: Members of TheList are treated like A-List V.I.P.’s throughout their stay, based on availability.  Upgrades to the best rooms and exclusive benefits that may include free internet access, late check-out, and more.


How can guests earn rewards with TheList?

TheList Rewards is the rewards component of TheList. Rewards will be offered based on promotions and campaigns that will be shared with members via e-mail communication and/or be accessible via our Special Offers section. Members will be able to benefit from either banked rewards that are stored within your member profile to use towards an upcoming stay, or immediate rewards like free breakfast at Participating Hotels. Please note that Participating Hotels may vary per promotion.


How will members redeem rewards?

Members will redeem rewards on TheList website through their membership account, which will list all the rewards they have earned. Note that members will be redirected to from individual hotel websites, if first visiting that site.  The redemption process will be automated and happen during the booking process. No separate printed voucher is necessary.


Can rewards be combined?

It depends on each reward earned.  You may find each rewards terms and conditions in Your Reward section within your member profile.


Will rewards expire?

Each reward includes an expiration date, which varies by the type of reward. 


Will there be a plastic membership card?

No. Once your TheList Membership is accepted, you will only need your e-mail address to log into your account and be recognized as a member of TheList.


Which rates and channels qualify for earning?

A member can earn rewards only for a completed stay and only for up to two rooms during a stay based on the promotion booked.  Please note that below rates will not be eligible for earning rewards:

  • Rates booked via a third party or OTA channels (examples include Expedia,, HotelTonight, Agoda, etc.)

Every TheList Rewards promotion will include a dedicated rate description that informs you about the eligibility of the rate.


Can guests still earn frequent flyer miles?

Yes. Guests will be able to choose between miles and TheList Rewards. They will not be able to earn both for the same stay in most cases.

TheList Rewards are awarded based on the promotion booked.  In addition, Participating Hotels in their sole discretion may elect to award airline miles in addition to TheList Rewards. If a Participating Hotel does not allow to collect both airline miles and TheList Rewards, Members will have to state whether they select to earn TheList Rewards or Frequent Flyer Miles latest at time of check-out. If a Member does not make this selection, the Member will automatically be credited with TheList Rewards, given his or her reservation is eligible for earning.

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